Without a quality education, children face considerable barriers to employment and earning potential later in life. They are more likely to suffer adverse health outcomes and are less likely to engage in decisions that affect them, jeopardizing their potential to shape a better future for themselves and their societies. Promoting more inclusive societies and employment opportunities for people with disabilities requires improved access to basic education, vocational training relevant to labour market needs and jobs suited to their skills, interests and abilities, with adaptations as needed.

What We Do

To reach out to those children who are missing out most on learning and education in rural communities. Help children get ready for kindergarten and learn to read by third grade a major indicator of future success.

Focus on reaching out to vulnerable children in rural communities where early learning resources are scarce. Nationally, we ensure that no child’s learning stops because they are caught up in poverty.

Supporting children with disabilities with materials that can make them access their education, health ensuring that learning spaces are created to enhance their social activities at school.

Education Project

Girls, children in need, and children with disabilities face the greatest barriers to education and suffer the most severe repercussions if they don't receive it. Everyone's access to education can assist protect against abuse, exploitation, and violence, as well as lessen vulnerability to natural catastrophes. A person with an education, whether they are a child or an adult, has the chance to have a future that is not otherwise feasible. A lady with greater education has healthier children and a higher earning potential, and the more education someone has, the more chances become available.

Did you know?

Life-changing education happens in and out of the classroom!
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