Health and Nutrition

We provide services to the communities to improve the health and survival of the most vulnerable children, as well as pregnant women and nursing mothers.

What We Do

Our teams train community health workers to educate mothers, fathers, and other caregivers about the benefits of breastfeeding and improved nutrition to help babies and young children grow up strong and healthy. Empowering people living with disabilities to access health services

Mental Health Support

Chrispal Foundation team provides psychological first aid in emergencies, offer mental health counselling, provide women and children with disabilities safe spaces to find calm, play, bond, and talk about difficult issues, and help people to develop coping strategies to deal with mental health challenges.

Strengthen Health Systems

We provide technical expertise and support to strengthen community health systems, helping to harness and build local capacity. Our aim is to transfer our knowledge, fill in gaps in supplies, work in partnership with communities and local governments, and improve local health and nutrition services to ensure sustainable impact.

Develop Innovate New Approaches

Our research strives to save more children’s lives including those living with disabilities by improving and developing new approaches to preventing and treating malnutrition.

Health Project

So much of the world's poverty and suffering may be traced back to poor health. Every life suffers when communities lack sufficient food, rely on contaminated water sources, or lack access to dependable medical care.

The men, women, and children you help us serve all across communities each day may depend on us to find sustainable solutions to enhance access to food, clean water, and health resources.

Chrispal Foundation staff meeting people with dissabilities in Bukerere.

Did you know?

Our health can be affected by almost all aspects of our lives.
Here are just some of the ways to help build healthier lives for those we serve:

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