Food Security & Livelihood

Food security and Livelihood

Partnering with communities to improve food security and livelihood

Chrispal Foundation Uganda offers a customized approach to meeting the needs of communities and leveraging their resources, enhancing agricultural production, launching local marketplaces, and assisting small enterprises. These activities improve sustainable sources of food and income while also boosting local food systems.

What We Do

Emergency Assistance

When disasters destroy infrastructure and food supplies, when violence forces thousands to flee, or when drought disrupts food production, Chrispal Foundation responds with basic supplies and to help communities build resilience against future emergencies.

Financial Planning for Women

Through our savings and loans groups, women pool their resources and can borrow to invest in a new business or to cope in an emergency.

Climate-Smart Farming Methods

Chrispal Foundation Uganda takes an environmentally friendly approach to assist people make use of their available natural resources, including land, water, soil, and seeds, in order to cultivate nutritious food, diversify crops, and develop local markets.

Farmers’ Cooperatives

To foster collaboration and learning, we create and support farmers’ cooperatives. Some of these groups come together to collectively rent land for farming, while others share lessons learned with each other. In Uganda, many farmers’ groups are negotiating fair prices for supplies and creating local demand for nutritious crops like mushrooms.

Job Skills & Small Business Support

From small grants for families recovering from conflict, to seeds and tools to invest in family farms, to livestock and veterinary services, to small business assistance, Chrispal Foundation help families regain self-sufficiency.

Food Security & Livelihood Project

The most straightforward comes from the simplest solutions such as training, loans, seeds, animals, and market access are some of the most effective tools in the fight against poverty. Giving individuals the means to support themselves brings about transformation that lasts for generations. In particular, women benefit since they may now access markets that were previously off-limits to them, giving themselves and their families stable income, independence, and even safety. The main objective of our Food Security and Livelihoods operational program is aimed at encouraging people to improve access to sufficient food in rural communities.

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