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  • Health and Nutrition

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  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

  • Food security and Livelihood

  • Protection

  • Advocacy

1). Health and Nutrition

We provide services to the communities to improve the health and survival of the most vulnerable children, as well as pregnant women and nursing mothers.

What we do

Our teams train community health workers to educate mothers, fathers, and other caregivers about the benefits of breastfeeding and improved nutrition to help babies and young children grow up strong and healthy. Empowering people living with disabilities to access health services

Mental Health Support

Chrispal Foundation team provides psychological first aid in emergencies, offer mental health counselling, provide women and children with disabilities safe spaces to find calm, play, bond, and talk about difficult issues, and help people to develop coping strategies to deal with mental health challenges.

Strengthen Health Systems

We provide technical expertise and support to strengthen community health systems, helping to harness and build local capacity. Our aim is to transfer our knowledge, fill in gaps in supplies, work in partnership with communities and local governments, and improve local health and nutrition services to ensure sustainable impact.

Develop Innovate New Approaches

Our research strives to save more children’s lives including those living with disabilities by improving and developing new approaches to preventing and treating malnutrition.

2). Education

Without a quality education, children face considerable barriers to employment and earning potential later in life. They are more likely to suffer adverse health outcomes and are less likely to engage in decisions that affect them, jeopardizing their potential to shape a better future for themselves and their societies. Promoting more inclusive societies and employment opportunities for people with disabilities requires improved access to basic education, vocational training relevant to labour market needs and jobs suited to their skills, interests and abilities, with adaptations as needed.

What we do

To reach out to those children who are missing out most on learning and education in rural communities. Help children get ready for kindergarten and learn to read by third grade a major indicator of future success.

Focus on reaching out to vulnerable children in rural communities where early learning resources are scarce. Nationally, we ensure that no child’s learning stops because they are caught up in poverty.

Supporting children with disabilities with materials that can make them access their education, health ensuring that learning spaces are created to enhance their social activities at school.

3). Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Without clean water, latrines and hygiene, illnesses like diarrhea, parasites, and chronic intestinal inflammation are common. They can prevent children from absorbing key nutrients and make them more susceptible to malnutrition and other health issues.

What we do

Promote Hygiene to Prevent Disease

To prevent disease outbreaks, our teams distribute hygiene kits and promote latrine construction and installation of handwashing stations in communities, schools, and health centers. Where necessary we install water filters and teach healthy practices like handwashing, cooking with clean utensils, and drawing water from safe sources.

Improve Access to Clean Water

Where water is scarce or unsafe, we drill new wells and decontaminate unsafe ones, install hand pumps, protect natural springs, rehabilitate broken-down infrastructure, and expand piped water lines into communities and health and education institutions. We also introduce innovative solutions, such as solar-powered water systems, and water trucking into communities during emergencies.

Develop Durable Solutions

Collaboration with members of the community is essential for long-term solutions. We train water user committees, made up of elected community people, to manage water and sanitation facilities on their own. We also form local health teams to serve as role models for proper sanitation and hygiene practices in their communities long after construction or rehabilitation of wells.

4). Food security and Livelihood

Partnering with communities to improve food security and livelihood

Chrispal Foundation Uganda offers a customized approach to meeting the needs of communities and leveraging their resources, enhancing agricultural production, launching local marketplaces, and assisting small enterprises. These activities improve sustainable sources of food and income while also boosting local food systems.

What We Do

Emergency Assistance

When disasters destroy infrastructure and food supplies, when violence forces thousands to flee, or when drought disrupts food production, Chrispal Foundation responds with basic supplies and to help communities build resilience against future emergencies.

Financial Planning for Women

Through our savings and loans groups, women pool their resources and can borrow to invest in a new business or to cope in an emergency.

Climate-Smart Farming Methods

Chrispal Foundation Uganda takes an environmentally friendly approach to assist people make use of their available natural resources, including land, water, soil, and seeds, in order to cultivate nutritious food, diversify crops, and develop local markets.

Farmers’ Cooperatives

To foster collaboration and learning, we create and support farmers’ cooperatives. Some of these groups come together to collectively rent land for farming, while others share lessons learned with each other. In Uganda, many farmers’ groups are negotiating fair prices for supplies and creating local demand for nutritious crops like mushrooms.

Job Skills & Small Business Support

From small grants for families recovering from conflict, to seeds and tools to invest in family farms, to livestock and veterinary services, to small business assistance, Chrispal Foundation help families regain self-sufficiency.

5). Protection
What We Do

In emergencies and situations of extreme poverty, people with disabilities and vulnerable populations are often overlooked. Chrispal Foundation Uganda implements prevention and response programs to prevent and address disability, gender, and age-based violence.

Finally, our advocacy work helps raise awareness to violence against women and children with and without disabilities and fosters alliances between organizations for people with disabilities, women's rights organizations and actors working in the field of child protection.

6). Advocacy

What we do

We work together with government, humanitarian organizations, and other advocates to promote evidence-based policies that effectively combat disability discrimination, harassment of young girls forced into early marriages and child labour. Advocate for universal recognition of the rights of people living with disabilities.

Advocate for inclusion disability inclusion through creating an accessible environment, implementing inclusion policies, creating communication standards, promoting disability awareness, set inclusive recruitment standards, provide professional support and encourage a culture of feedback.

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