Emergency Project

Your assistance ensures that through CFU's extensive country network and partnership, critical resources are prepared and frequently prepositioned to reach people in need as soon as possible. Through CFU's offices closest to the disaster, funds, materials, and personnel are coordinated so that plans may be implemented right away and suitable relief supplies can reach the hardest-hit areas.

Director of Chrispal Foundation Uganda, providing support to the most vulnerable elderly persons in Mawangala community.

VHT presenting the challenge that the community faces in accessing safe water through the visit to the damaged borehole.

Being able to offer support only when an emergency response is required is no longer a feasible ethically correct approach. It is for this reason that CFU have adopted a cross-sectoral and multi-sectoral approach for the application of preparation, response, mitigation, and prevention of disaster measures in order to guarantee that the livelihoods of vulnerable people are more resilient to one-off or recurrent shocks.

CFU supporting the elderly with food items and soap for hygiene promotion.

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